CRTL 2010 Candidate Survey

Please consider your responses to the questions below and then mail your answers back to us at 1535 Grant Street, Suite 303, 80203 or e-mail the completed form to Both, during the primary and during the general election campaign, we will mail voter guides out to registered pro-lifers and post the results of our candidate questionnaires online at We would like to hear from you before your constituents vote at their Caucus and the Assembly, so they will benefit from our Pro-life Voters’ Guide – this could be to your advantage, as much as to theirs!

Your opponents will also be responding, so please reply as soon as possible with your acceptance or rejection of these pro-life strategies. We hope you will answer “Yes” to each of the following fundamental moral questions. Thanks!

Candidate Name: _______________________; Party: _______                  

Office Sought: ____________________

1.  Do you advocate that the government uphold the God-given, inalienable Right to Life for the unborn?

2.  Do you agree that abortion is always wrong, even when the baby’s father is a criminal (i.e. a rapist)? [See life-of-the mother note below.]

3.  What started with Colorado’s 2008 Amendment 48 is now, as WND’s Nov. 1, 2009 headline says: ‘Personhood’ movement explodes in 32 states. Do yamou support the 2010 Colorado Personhood amendment (Amendment 62) – an effort to define “person” to include every human being from beginning of the biological development of that human being?

4.  Do you oppose all public funding for Planned Parenthood, the largest and richest organization in the abortion industry?

5.  Will you oppose any attempts to allow doctor-assisted suicide and other forms of euthanasia?

6.  While adult stem cell research is delivering real-world cures and boundless hope, it would be wrong to intentionally kill a single child even to save the whole world. Will you oppose any research or practice that would intentionally destroy the tiniest living humans in embryonic stem cell research?

7.  Legislation that says “Abortion shall be prohibited unless…” or which requires a woman to meet some condition like parental consent or viewing an ultrasound before having her child killed, in effect re-affirms the approval of the State for such abortions. Will you refuse to support any legislation that would effectively authorize, regulate or otherwise allow an abortion to continue, even if it is promoted as a “pro-life” bill?

Colorado RTL opposes every law that regulates the killing of unborn children because, regardless of the intention, such laws:

  • make abortion seem more palatable to the public and politicians, and so they

  • merely prune the abortion weed and strengthen its root, while they

  • signify that the practice is occasionally acceptable, as with any regulation,

  • violate God’s command, Do not murder by re-authorizing abortion, and

  • on the surface undermine the very concept of the right to life, and

  • are like the PBA ban which took 15 years yet recognizes no rights, and

  • confuse even ‘pro-lifers’ into defending various ‘exceptions’ as good, and

  • call upon judges to uphold laws that regulate killing the innocent, and

  • turn conservative judges increasingly against the Right To Life of the unborn, and

  • give cover to pro-choice leaders who support some regulations, and they

  • could authorize millions of abortions after Roe is overturned, for they

  • will keep abortion legal if abortion is ever ‘returned to the states,’ for they

  • reduce the God-given right to life to a 2nd-tier negotiable matter, for they

  • are mere variations on Roe v. Wade itself which regulated abortion, and

  • can never ever stop the murder of unborn children because they

  • end with the meaning, “and then you can kill the baby.”


Colorado RTL is glad to work with you on wording for pro-life legislation, and we have an extensive nationwide network of pro-life organizations, lawyers, and public officials to draw upon. We will, however, oppose legislation and all candidates who would authorize or regulate the intentional killing of the innocent. Since we’re two doors north on Grant Street from the Capitol, we invite you to call us at 303-753-9394 and arrange to come by and meet our officers to discuss strategy for ending legalized abortion. Feel free also to just stop by and say hello!

Joe Riccobono
President, Colorado RTL


Please Note: When the mother’s life is seriously threatened by a pregnancy, of course it is morally justified to deliver the baby but not if the intention is to kill the baby. When the life of the mother is at serious risk by her pregnancy, the goal must be to save the life of the mother and the baby if at all possible. It is just as wrong to kill the mother to save the baby, as it is to kill the baby to save the mother. There is never a medical emergency that could justify a physician who stops caring for a pregnant mom long enough to kill her child. “Legalizing” abortion, defined as the intentional killing of the unborn child, for the life of the mother, leads to repugnant acts like emergency removal of late-term babies from the womb, stopping midway into the procedure to kill the baby. If the baby dies, it is a tragedy; if the baby is intentionally killed, it is murder. If necessary to save the mom’s life, the unborn baby could be delivered with the determination to care for both, and if possible, to save both the baby and mother!