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United Way Funds CO Planned Parenthood

GLENDWOOD SPRING, April 2011 -- Live Action, the youth-led, pro-life activist movement for human rights, has discovered that the United Way is funding Planned Parenthood in Glenwood Srings, Colorado. Garfield County has a federally-qualified medical facility, Mountain Family Health Center, which does not do abortions and it does provide more actual health services than does Planned Parenthood. So the United Way has chosen to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion center instead of the facility better equipped to serve the families and children of the community.

Focus on the Strategy 3

When Barack Obama held his convention in our backyard, Colorado RTL provided much of the manpower to create, transport, and unfurl the world's largest protest sign to rebuke the Democrats for killing unborn children. The introduction of this important video shows that 666-foot wide sign.

Please, Gazette, Don't Take Our Side

Dear Editor:

Please Gazette, don't take our side. Retract your endorsement of the Personhood initiative (Gazette, The Case for Amendment 48, Oct. 29, 2008) which we are working so hard to pass. Colorado Right To Life rebukes the Gazette for its utter lack of humility before our Creator God. In your endorsement you acknowledge that the unborn child is a living human being, a person, and recommend a Yes vote. But then you claim that if society wants to kill those kids, you give the example of a Down syndrome child, then so be it; let them be killed. We rebuke you.

There is no bottom to that abyss. Worse even than Obama saying he doesn't know when human life begins, is McCain saying that rights begin at conception and then funding as he does the killing of countless unborn. Human beings are not animals. Fish eat other fish. The rights of Blacks don't come from a white-dominated government, nor do the rights of Jews come from Germans, nor do a child's rights come from a mob or a majority. An unborn girl's rights come from her Creator, not at birth, but at the moment of her creation. The Gazette says, yes, these tiny children are people, but go ahead and kill them. Please, don't take our side.

Joe Riccobono
Colorado Right To Life

Comprehensive Listing of Events at

DENVER, Dec. 30 -- Finally there's a complete listing online for the March for Life gatherings for hundreds of cities around America.

American Right To Life hosts this handy resource at Because of the way search engines rank web pages, often times searching for the current March in a particular city displays results for past and national events. not only makes it easier for pro-lifers to find their local event, it might also alert thousands on the fringe of the movement who might not otherwise know about, for example, an organized bus trip from their town to the big March on January 24th in Washington D.C.

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