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Single-sentence abortion-neutral bill would get justice for babies like Frederick's Nico Watts

Many Coloradan's are looking to State Rep. Lori Saine (R-Firestone/Frederick) to introduce an Unborn Victims of Crime Act like the single sentence just below that does not affirm abortion. (Republicans have a bizarre bad habit of affirming abortion in their own unborn victims bills and typically they fear fighting for something as mild as an abortion-neutral unborn victims bill. Please pray that Rep. Saine will not succumb to the pressure to, ironically, defend abortionists in the very bill she introduces to get justice for unborn victims.) Before continuing though, let's remember those twice victimized, the second time our government denied justice for, and even the existence of, these eight Colorado babies...

Frederick 2018: The adulterous husband murdered Shanann Watts, her daughters, and her unborn baby Nico. 
Longmont 2015Michelle Wilkins suffered the most atrocious killing ever of a Colorado mother's unborn child.
Aurora 2012: Ashley Moser's unborn baby is the unrecognized 13th victim in the Aurora murders.
Longmont 2012: Heather Surovik's baby "Calling him a 'fetus' is offensive to our family."
Denver 2011: Lori Gorham's eight-month old baby was killed by a hit-and-run driver. 
Grand Junction 2007:  Lileigh Lehnen died an hour after she was born. Colorado courts rejected the murder charge but contradicted themselves, not surprising in our abortion-confused world, by upholding other charges including "child abuse leading to death". So, Lileigh was a child but not a person.
Colorado Springs 2003: Leah Gee was murdered while 7 months pregnant with little Jerimiah fighting for life for weeks before dying yet the courts ruled against filing a murder charge for his death.
Colorado Springs 2002: Amanda Hanson was four months pregnant when she was murdered along with her unborn son.

CRTL's Abortion-neutral Unborn Victims of Crime Act: Colorado Right To Life asked a prosecutor to write a single-sentence abortion neutral law that would enable prosecutors to fight for justice in such cases. The resulting law has been introduced in the state legislature year after year. It has passed the House once, but typically is killed by the pro-abortion Democrats and Republican establishment leaders:

"If the commission of any crime in this Title [18 of the Colorado Criminal Code] or Title 42 [Vehicles and Traffic] of the Colorado Revised Statutes is the proximate cause of death or injury to an unborn member of the species Homo sapiens, the respective homicide and assault charges for that death or injury may be brought contemporaneously with the underlying charges."






Here are some historical notes documenting how this fight has unfolded in recent years. 

CO State & Fed Candidate Survey Responses

At our Colorado RTL Blog: See the Colorado State & Federal Candidate Positions & Survey Responses

And for more, see the CRTL Blog homepage.

At our Colorado RTL Blog: For our 2016 report, please see the Colorado State & Federal Candidate Positions & Survey Responses

And for more, see the CRTL Blog homepage. Also, the CRTL directors thank Ed Hanks for his great help at the capitol and on this blog! 

Historical Archive

Amendment 62 Election Results Analysis

Conventional Wisdom Busted as 30% Oppose ALL Abortion: Conventional wisdom claimed that only 15% of voters in America will support a 100% abortion ban (which Personhood requires, even in saving the mother's life when the need is not to "terminate" but to deliver the baby). CRTL is proving that all the Gallup polls and claims of politicians vastly underestimate how many people are willing to protect every innocent child without exception.

Personhood Vote Grows from 2008 to 2010: The YES vote on Personhood grew to narrow our loss from a 3-to-1 defeat in 2008 to a 2-to-1 defeat in 2010 with now 30% voting YES on a 100% abortion ban and personhood. That encourages us!

Gains Despite Dem Turnout: Significant personhood gains were made even in a heavily Democratic year. "Turnout in Colorado actually swung from +1 GOP in 2008 to +5 Democratic in 2010, a 6-point move," reported The Weekly Standard. So even with a much more hostile electorate (Democrats trend "pro-choice"), personhood gained tens of thousands of additional votes when Colorado's massive grassroots campaign put pro-life educational materials into the hands of hundreds of thousands of voters. For we can reach the hearts and minds of our fellow human beings with the power and simplicity of the personhood message that from their biological beginning every person has the God-given right to life.

Gains Despite Pro-life Opposition: The triumvirate of pro-life opposition to fighting for personhood in Colorado comes from Focus on the Family, "National" Right To Life, and the Roman Catholic Archbishops. These groups are working to kill personhood bills and oppose personhood amendments in states across America (just a couple 2011 examples: Louisiana in 2011, Mississippi). The truth eventually wins, regardless of which leaders or groups oppose it. Yet in Colorado, we might win sooner if only these "pro-family" organizations will stop opposing the effort to compel the government to enforce each child's right to life, and actually begin advocating for enforcement of the God-given right to life, something that all of these groups currently refuse to do. The pro-life industry opposes personhood based on:
- long-answered objections and worn-out cliches, and based on
- a self-defeating insistence on waiting till the U.S. Supreme Court is ready (which history shows could take centuries)
- a lack of courage and willingness to educate the leaders and the people on the God-given right to life of every child.
Instead, the pro-life industry has raised hundreds of millions of dollars promoting child-killing regulations while supporting politicians who have exceptions (meaning that they oppose the dismembering of only some children). For these reasons, Colorado RTL is not affiliated with "National" but with "American" Right To Life, the pro-personhood national organization.

The Denver Post's 3-to-1 Headline is Wrong; Should be 2-to 1: The personhood loss in 2008 was closer to 3-to-1. But the increase in the personhood Yes votes in 2010 closed the gap to close to a 2-to-1 ratio. Yet Electa Draper and the Denver Post have refused to correct the following false headline they ran:

A62's George Stevens Radio Commerical

Listen to CRTL's first Amendment 62 radio commercial. (Related: Our first ad for the 2014 Brady amendment.)

The Colorado 2012 Right To Life Amendment

Nov. 6,   2012 Update: Amendments don't lie. While politicians from all political parties often compromise and misrepresent themselves even on life and death matters, amendments, written on paper, don't reconsider; they don't change their mind; and they don't don't lie. The Colorado Personhood Coalition has filed suit as explained in the following press release in an effort to gain ballot access in 2014 using the signatures we've collected in 2012. Please pray for this effort and that God will help us raise up leaders who have the courage to support personhood. Stealth pro-life candidates, like soldiers scared to death to show their face in a fight, are less an asset that a cowardly drain of resources. So please, as Jesus Christ condemned cowardice and praised courage, pray for boldness for yourself and all those who would protect the innocent!

Colorado Personhood Coalition Files Suit

Sept. 27 , 2012: The Colorado Personhood Coalition has filed suit in Denver today, after an unjust dismissal by the Secretary of State’s office.

An unsuccessful lawsuit from Planned Parenthood shortened the petitioning time by about 60 days, giving the Colorado Personhood Coalition fewer petitioning days than any other Colorado ballot initiative. In spite of this, the Personhood Coalition collected over 112,000 signatures, about 30,000 more than signatures collected in 2010.

Other initiatives were also granted a 15 day curing period to make up lost or invalidated signatures, which the Colorado Personhood Coalition was denied. After turning in far more than the number of signatures required for ballot placement, the Secretary of State’s office determined that the amendment could not appear on the ballot, discounting over 6,800 registered voters’ signatures.

'The Secretary of State’s actions unconstitutionally deprived us of our fundamental right under the State and Federal Constitutions to the initiative process which is core political speech," explained Gualberto Garcia Jones, J.D., legal analyst for Personhood USA. "After being denied the same time frame that every other initiative received, and denied the opportunity to appear on the ballot, we have filed a writ of mandamus to ensure that our rights are recognized and the hard work of our volunteers is not dismissed."

The Colorado Personhood Coalition’s language is different than any other in the nation, addressing a myriad of issues in detail that have never before been explored, including birth control, IVF, miscarriage, and rape.

The full language is just below:

"Our nearly 1,500 volunteers worked incredibly hard," commented Susan Sutherland, Director of the Colorado Personhood Coalition. "Despite the odds, we did the work and got the signatures. We deserve to be on the ballot, and we will not quit until every signature is counted and ultimately, every innocent human life is protected in Colorado."

Pepsi: Aborted Baby Cells in Drink Research


PepsiCo has ceased their fetal cell research and recently publicized this policy: "PepsiCo does not conduct or fund research that utilizes any human tissue or cell lines derived from embryos or fetuses."

Further, Pepsi VP of Global Public Policy, Paul Boykas,
wrote that, “Senomyx will not use HEK cells or any other tissues or cell lines derived from human embryos or fetuses for research performed on behalf of PepsiCo.” 

“We are absolutely thrilled with PepsiCo’s decision,” stated Debi Vinnedge, boycott organizer with Children of God for Life on April 30, 2012. “They have listened to their customers and have made both a wise and profound statement of corporate integrity that deserves the utmost respect, admiration and support of the public.” CRTL thanks Debi Vinnedge and our Vice President Leslie Hanks agreed: "Colorado Right To Life appreciates PepsiCo for their policy prohibiting the grisly practice of using tissue from aborted children." Hanks added, "No responsible corporation should ever violate this PepsiCo policy."


Coke & Campbell's Pull Out: Pepsi Digs In: Debi Vinnedge, executive director of Florida's Children of God for Life, in exposing another abortion horror, has convinced Campbell's Soups to immediately end their taste testing research using aborted baby cells. Coca-Cola, though never contacting Vinnedge, also ended their relationship with Senomyx, the biotech company conducting the flavor-enhancing research using an aborted baby's kidney cells to produce "human taste receptors". When new drink ingredients are put in contact with these cells, researchers note whether or not the cells produce certain protein reactions. (The same research can be done ethically using adult stem cells and in other ways.)

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