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Re-submitted to the News: RTL Warns Colo GOP

Re-submitted to the Rocky Mountain News, Nov. 5, 2008:

Politically speaking, our state's Personhood Amendment 48 was trounced, but 550,000 Coloradans voted 'Yes' giving us a firm baseline from which to fight for the innocent. But now that Colorado has also rejected the Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer, I would like to re-submit (as reported on by the Denver Post, LifeNews and appearing on the Rocky Mountain News site) Colorado Right To Life's June press release as a guest editorial:

Right To Life Warns Colorado Republican Chairman

by Leslie Hanks
June 16, 2008

Colorado Right To Life is warning Dick Wadhams, the state Republican Party chairman, that by shunning their pro-life conservative base they're headed for another election defeat in November, three election-cycle catastrophes for the Colorado GOP, and two U.S. Senate losses for Wadhams.

Wadhams banned the nation's oldest Right To Life organization from their state convention while he welcomed a pro-abortion group. The state's top Republican is out of touch with his own party's base, where 4 out of 5 Republicans at the convention voted to defend life beginning at fertilization.

The thousands of convention delegates passed all forty resolutions offered, except for the only one that failed, the pro-abortion Resolution #21. Convention rules require literature to be approved by the party chairman. Wadhams allowed the misnamed Republican Majority for Choice to distribute flyers quoting him about the Personhood Amendment 48 sponsors as "on the fringe of the pro-life movement, and they do not represent by any stretch of the imagination the hundreds of thousands of pro-life Coloradans."

130,000 pro-lifers signed the Personhood petition. Delegates overwhelmingly passed all uncompromising pro-life resolutions including the 78% vote affirming that "life begins at conception." 20-year-old Personhood Amendment sponsor Kristi Burton was elected among the top ten most popular of the 46 national delegates.

CRTL Hosts Hospitality Suite at NRTL Convention


Hostility met with Hospitality at National Right to Life Convention
Ejected Colorado Right to Life
Hosts Hospitality Suite for NRTL Conventioneers

CRTL Kicked Out of National RTL

June 13, 2007

Update: Listen in to the Nat'l RTL Board Meeting: This 9-minute unauthorized recording a closed-door National RTL Board Meeting at the group's annual convention in Kansas City contains Colorado Right To Life's testimony to the national group's fifty board members strongly criticizing NRTL for its immoral and failed anti-abortion strategy. Colorado RTL pushed the national committee until it finally kicked out CRTL, for the state directors considered getting kicked out preferable to quitting. Click to hear CRTL rebuke the National Right To Life president Wanda Franz and their board for undermining personhood by violating God's enduring command, Do not murder.

Colorado Right To Life Kicked Out of National RTL
Two Days After Dr. James Dobson Concedes
"Ending partial-birth abortion... does not save a single human life."

Today in Kansas City Missouri, National Right to Life's board of directors voted to disenfranchise a state chapter, Colorado Right To Life, from the umbrella organization. Two days ago, Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, admitted in a newsletter article and mass email that, "Ending partial-birth abortion... does not save a single human life." An unusually-public feud erupted within the movement after CRLT co-signed a series of open letters to Dr. James Dobson exposing that...

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