CRTL on 9News Exposing Cruelty of Embryonic Research

On Denver's NBC News affiliate, 9News, Colorado RTL urges everyone to protect the tiniest kids from lethal research

9News Excerpts: Congresswoman Diana DeGette opposed the federal funding restrictions of embryonic stem cell research put in place by President George W. Bush. Neither Obama's nor Bush's plan sits well with Colorado Right to Life.

"Tragically, Barack Obama is giving us more of the same. Bush funded embryonic research. Obama is funding it more," said Colorado Right to Life spokesperson...

Title Board OKs CO Personhood Amendment Text

Update: See also
Denver Post: "Colorado 'Personhood' proposal's 2010 ballot title approved," which reporter Lynn Bartels concludes with this from CRTL's vice president Leslie Hanks, "Since our so-called trouncing, 25 other states are pursuing this, so, yes, we are optimistic," Hanks said.

CRTL's Press Release:

Colorado Secretary of State’s Title Board Unanimously Approves
Proposed 2010 Personhood Amendment Language

Denver, Colorado - The offices of the Colorado Attorney General, The Secretary of State, and Legislative Legal Services voted 3-0 that the proposed 2010 Personhood Amendment meets the required single subject rule and also voted 3-0 that the language is not misleading. Personhood Colorado director Gualberto Garcia Jones J.D. and Colorado Right To Life vice president Leslie Hanks explained the difference between the 2008 Personhood Amendment and this year's...

Federal court to send mom to forced sterilization

The headline, "Mom to 4 U.S. citizens ordered to forced sterilization. 10th Circuit ruling sends woman on path to Chinese fines, jail" ran on World Net Daily December 3rd, thanks to breaking Xiu's story and the quick follow up by Colorado Right to Life and World Net Daily journalist Bob Unruh.  

For a sample letter you can write on behalf of Xiu Mei Wei and for more of the story, click below on Read more...
To hear interviews with her, listen to:
Denver's Jay Marvin (forward to 15 minutes in) at AM 760 KKZN,
and Bob Enyart on AM 670 KLTT.

Xiu's story: Xiu Mei Wei (Shoe Way May) was engaged to a man in China...

Newsletter Correction

The story on the front page of our April newsletter should have appeared exactly the way it appears below.

Precious Tuesday

Looking out of the second story window I watched as the people marched together, the adults walked slowly, many with children riding in wagons. There were lots of kids, some riding bikes, some on skateboards, and others running. Minutes later they begin to arrive. As they came up the stairs, this large room quickly filled leaving only standing room in the back.

 A few days earlier I sat down to read the days e-mail and one in particular stood out, the subject line read “My precious Tuesday.” I opened this letter and my heart sank with the message,

  “Friday January 30, 2009
Tuesday Fiona Whitt October 11, 2006 - January 30, 2009
Posted by Charley at 8:06 PM

The death of a child is likely the most difficult thing that a family will ever face. Many will ask,” why did God let this happen?” Some will say “there is no God.” Others may say “God made this happen.” Still others will be angry having prayed for a miracle but recognizing none. Tuesday died from cancer on January 30, 2009 but not before she showed her incredible will to live.

Tuesday’s grandmother would have given her life to extend Tuesday’s life if she could have. I know this because she has given of her life to protect the innocent, regardless of their perceived value to society and that includes every baby in the womb, the elderly, and people like Terri Schiavo, and Lauren Richardson. She has been a good friend of mine and she has inspired me and many others to join her in the battle to protect the innocent.

My friend Leslie Hanks said goodbye for now, to her precious Tuesday, knowing that in spite of the circumstances God is good, God is always good, and his promises are still true. Leslie knows in this time of sorrow when faith is sometimes shaken, Christ remains.

Yet even with Tuesday’s death there is a miracle here and it gives Tuesday life just as sure as it gives every Christian life, the miracle is Jesus, who through his life, death, and resurrection already provided victory over death; and because of His sacrifice every innocent child who dies is eternally protected by Jesus.

Our world is broken by sin and because of sin many adults reject Christ. Sin leads to death and often the innocent suffer. But Jesus never desires the suffering and death of a child.

The celebration of Tuesday’s life affirms the value of every human life. Hundreds of people came to honor a precious little girl. They came because Tuesday was valuable to them, and like every person she is valuable to God, created in His image with a will to live. I pray that the day will soon come when every child will be viewed with the love and respect that has rightly been shown to Tuesday Fiona Whitt.

In our newsletter the title and some of the text was changed without the knowledge or permission of the author. The meaning of this letter in memory of Tuesday may have been affected by these changes. We sincerely apologize to Tuesday’s family and friends; our goal is to show our love and respect for their family at this most difficult time. 

CO 2008 Personhood Amendment 48 Results

Election Results: Politically, Colorado's personhood Amendment 48 was trounced, but still it received over 600,000 'Yes' votes, providing a firm baseline from which we will continue the fight to uphold the God-given right to life of unborn children. With two down and one to go: slavery abolished and the holocaust ended, Christians will continue their 41-year fight in our state since 1967 to end the 'legalized' killing of unborn children. Defeating widespread injustice is never easy.

Colorado RTL 2008 Annual Banquet

Colorado RTL Annual Banquet - Colorado: Ground Zero!

Help personhood change the pro-life movement and the world!

Please come to our CRTL banquet! We are at Ground Zero in America's abortion fight with the Personhood Amendment on our November ballot! We only have room for 80 people in the exclusive El Paso Club and you are cordially invited. Join our interactive panel discussion with top leaders in the Personhood movement, including Cal Zastrow and Keith Mason, and hear Sherry Williams' story of her daughter being conceived in rape and living to tell about it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008
6 p.m. Reception; 7 p.m. Dinner
Renaissance Hotel, 3801 Quebec St.
Denver, Colorado 80207
RSVP: 303 753-9394 or
Donations $100 per plate; $1,000 per table

Place your reservation today by donating to our General Fund the appropriate per plate or per table amount and BE SURE to use the comment section to provide the reservation details and the names of attendees.

Alan Keyes at Power in the Park

See Presidential Candidate Dr. Alan Keys as he addressed a crowd at Martin Luther King Jr. park during the Power in the Park event August 25th.

Upcoming event

Power in the Park

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