Media: Pro-lifers Blast Colo GOP Chairman

Colorado RTL's warning to the state Republican Party of a catastrophic loss in November has been reported (click for articles) by LifeNews, the Rocky Mountain News, and the Denver Post. Those articles are based upon this CRTL guest editorial:

Right To Life Warns Colorado Republican Chairman

AFA's Personhood Report

American Family Association's OneNewsNow Report: Pushing for Personhood by Teddy James: "What is abortion? Is it the removal of unwanted cells from a female’s body? Is it the simple procedure of removing a lump of tissue from a woman’s womb? According to Cal Zastrow and Keith Mason, cofounders of Personhood USA, the answer is much more disturbing.

'It is baby murder,' said Zastrow, who got his start in the pro-life movement more than two decades ago."

Matt Gaspers: On Personhood

The Personhood Strategy to End Abortion

It is critical to understand that state lawmakers and governors, not Supreme Court judges, legalized abortion. In 1967, Colorado legislators successfully passed the first state law that made abortion legal in certain circumstances. Several other states followed suit by passing similar laws. Then, in 1973, those existing state laws were reinforced by the Roe v. Wade decision, the ruling in which a majority of U.S. Supreme Court judges chose not to recognize unborn human beings as persons (inherent dignity, inalienable rights) in the context of the U.S. Constitution.

Response to Eagle Forum for County Delegates

County delegates! Please feel free to print out a few dozen copies of the following and bring it to your county assembly! Here's a formatted pdf file, eagleforumrebuttal, for easy printing. And here's a link to our valuable Candidate Surveys updated for April 2010!

Dear Pro-Life Delegate,

Please support the Personhood Amendment #62! The most fundamental right recognized by our Constitution is the God-given right to life. It is government’s foremost duty to uphold the right to life of all innocent human beings, without exception. The Personhood Amendment – Amendment 62 on your November ballot – recognizes the right to life of unborn children from the beginning of their biological development as a human being.

Forty states currently are following Colorado's leadership and trying, through legislation or ballot initiatives, to get Personhood recognized for the unborn child. This has transformed the pro-life movement and given it new energy! For the first time in recent history, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we may see abortion prohibited in the relatively near future.

Unfortunately, many politicians, including Republicans, and even some pro-life groups fear losing control of the agenda. They are trying to smother the Personhood movement in its crib. You may see an Eagle Forum flyer here today, spreading misleading statements.

Thank You For Your Help During The Personhood Petition Drive

Colorado Right To Life would like to thank you for all of your help to get the Personhood Amendment on the Colorado ballot this fall.

Click to hear a message from CRTL Vice-President Leslie Hanks.

80,000 Signatures Submitted

Amendment Ballot Access Requires 76,000

DENVER, Feb. 12 -- At a personhood amendment press conference Colorado RTL and Personhood Colorado announced that today they would submit 80,000 signatures to the Secretary of State's office. Ballot access requires 76,000 valid signatures and over the next one to four weeks the Secretary's office will compare each signature with the state's voter registration database. If more than 4,000 signatures are invalidated, state law gives the amendment sponsors a 15-day "Curing Period" to educate, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to collect the signatures needed to fill in the gap. (Of course everyday is a good day to share the Gospel!)

Co-sponsor Leslie Hanks, CRTL's long-time vice president, is team leader for a group that has committed to get 2,000 signatures for the expected cure period. If you'd like the blessing of being on Leslie's team, please join up by calling the CRTL office at 303-753-9394 or emailing her at!

Colorado RTL is the first right-to-life organization in the nation and a proponent of the personhood movement which has seen an explosion of growth and is now operating in forty states. Our co-sponsor, Personhood Colorado, is a grassroots organization of Colorado citizens who value innocent human life from biological beginning to natural death. We have sponsored the Personhood Amendment to the Colorado constitution, which reads: "Section 32. Person defined. As used in sections 3, 6, and 25 of Article II of the state constitution, the term "person" shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being."

Join Us Today from Noon to 2 PM!

Today, Friday Feb. 12th is the deadline for CRTL and Personhood Colorado to turn in our pro-life signatures to get on the ballot!

You can join the celebration downtown as we turn in the signatures, Lord willing! So come on out, and you can even bring any last-minute signatures with you! We’ll have a notary!

TODAY from Noon to 2 PM: Join us at the Knights of Columbus Hall half-a-block north of the Capitol at 1555 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203!