Anti-A62 Rally Backfires


Supporters Colorado Amendment 62 came to the Colorado Capitol on Tuesday to protest the "No on 62" rally being held on on the Capitol steps.

"Women would not be investigated for miscarriages, and of course women wouldn’t be denied health care or forced to carry an ectopic pregnancy that would kill both her and the baby,” said Leslie Hanks, co-sponsor of Amendment 62. “Even the ‘No on 62’ slogan is disingenuous. Claiming that 62 goes ‘too far,’ when any regulation to abortion is ‘too far’ for these abortion profiteers.” Denver Daily News

See the full article on how the anti-A62 rally backfired!

Personhood Wins Big in Colo Primaries

Ed Hanks’ Analysis of Colo GOP Primary

[Update on Tambor Williams: See the CRTL Report, Tambor Williams is Not Pro-life, on Dan Maes' tragic choice for Lt. Governor.]

Full article is at Ed's pro-personhood blog Excerpts:

[Update on Ken Buck: Buck has already broken all his pro-life campaign promises. As the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate:
- Buck now says he will not vote for Amendment 62
- Buck now says he will not introduce an abortion ban
- Buck now says he will vote to confirm PRO-CHOICE judges to the federal bench, judges who will issue opinions to continue systematic child killing, whom Buck will put on the bench for life time terms
He's buckled already, and all he's had to face is the abortion lobby and a girly man like Michael Bennett who argues against unborn children and that America should support killing them. God forbid that Buck ever makes it to Washington with pro-life support, because as surely as the sun sets in the evening, Buck would cave and vote to confirm a "pro-choice" judge who could be on the bench for forty years fighting to keep child killing "legal." In that situation, Buck's hands would be stained by the blood of every child murdered with his support. The least of Ken Buck's worries is that his opponent is running attack ads against him. His greatest worry should be what God thinks, and how history will view him, as it now views all the political cowards who compromised on the slave trade and the Holocaust. If Buck had wisdom, he would be thanking the pro-lifers who are exposing him now, before it is too late, for him. Ducking for cover Buck now is even hiding behind Eagle Forum and their misrepresentation of pro-life strategy (see that]

Jane Norton had endorsed Personhood... but on her website she endorsed abortion in cases of rape and incest, which is a stand entirely opposed to the concept of Personhood. [So her defeat was a victory for the pro-life voters who are teaching people that there are no "exceptions" to the God-given right to life.]

Americans United for Life... had endorsed Jane Norton. That was the first endorsement of any candidate that organization had made in four decades [CRTL: although because of a supreme court ruling now permitting them to do so]. Why did they endorse her? Because of Colorado Right to Life and the Personhood movement! AUL realized that if the winner of the primary for the U.S. Senate was a candidate who supported the Personhood strategy, instead of their compromised regulation strategy, it would be the beginning of the end for their control over the regulatory process... Why prefer a candidate with exceptions over a candidate who would protect the life of the unborn from conception forward -- NO exceptions?  Americans United for Life endorsed Jane Norton specifically because she wasn't 100% pro-life!  This was a key race for them... and they lost. Personhood won.

Another key victory was in the Governor’s race, where we now know there will be two candidates on the November ballot who support Personhood – Dan Maes and Tom Tancredo.  Scott McInnis... there were always doubts on our side...

Overall, 11 out of 19 Republicans running for the State Senate this year are pro-Personhood, and there may be more we don’t know about, or who will sign on later. And in the House, 17 out of 65 candidates are on record as supporting Personhood, but probably twice that actually do, and just haven’t gone on record...

A62's George Stevens Radio Commerical

Listen to CRTL's first Amendment 62 radio commercial. (Related: Our first ad for the 2014 Brady amendment.)

Dan Maes' LG Tambor Williams is Not Pro-life

Colorado RTL Reports: Tambor Williams is not pro-life and the 2010 Republican candidate for Governor Dan Maes is misrepresenting his choice for Lt. Governor. See below CRTL's Election Night Warning, CRTL's Apology to our Constituents, and first, Tambor Williams record summarized in five bullets.

On Tambor Williams

* Opposes Personhood Amendment 62: Williams rejects the God-given right to life as evidenced by her refusal to sign the 2010 pro-life personhood petition. And her "respected" exceptions, by which she means that she supports the killing of some unborn children, also demonstrate why she refuses to endorse Amendment 62, the most important item on Colorado's 2010 ballot, which Maes himself supports.

* Fights to Fund Abortion: In contradiction to Maes' opposition to abortion funding, he selected a running mate who as a state representative urged Gov. Bill Owens to provide funds to Planned Parenthood. Tambor Williams attempted this in spite of two hard-fought pro-life election victories amending the state constitution which now "prohibits the use of public funds… to pay or otherwise reimburse, directly or indirectly… for any induced abortion." Yet Williams acted as though money is not fungible and urged funds to go to Colorado's primary abortion provider...

CRTL Answers Denver Post's Ed Quillen

[And now Castle Rock OB/GYN Endocrinologist Dr. Alexander answers Quillen]

In his arguments against the unborn child and Amendment 62, the Denver Post's Ed Quillen wonders how a fetus might go to court, claims every home miscarriage would be investigated, and that an embryo couldn't possibly possess property. Since the right to life comes not from the government nor the delivery doctor, but from our Creator, it exists at the moment of our creation, and as a result, all arguments against the unborn child must be false and therefore, weak.

Enter Ed Quillen who asks how an embryo might "go to court to advance a denial-of-due process claim," but then, an infant has a similar challenge, yet Ed knows that baby is a person. By fear mongering, he claims government would take action against countless women who miscarry, yet history demonstrates the truth. When the nation recognized abortion as illegal, the authorities never arrested a single doctor or woman for a miscarriage. And as for an unborn child possessing property, corporeal personal property including bodily parts and the three-billion base pairs of one's DNA, are already being harvested from the tiniest boys and girls with utter disregard for their humanity and rights...

July 2010 Candidate Positions Update

The latest updates on the postions of Colorado candidates for state and federal office has been released and is available the CRTL blog at:

A62 Press Conference a Success

Ambassador Alan Keyes appeared at the Amendment 62 press conference Monday July 26th at the Colorado Capitol to reveal the campaign's slogan, strategy and first advertisement. The press conference also featured California's personhood amendment co-sponsor Dr. Walter Hoye, Denver's Bishop Phillip Porter, CRTL board member Lolita Hanks, R.N. and Constitution Party Governor's Candidate Ben Goss. Click for the press release and more event details...

'Cure' to be cured?

Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher plans to ask the Colorado General Assembly to eliminate the statute governing “cures” for citizen-initiated petitions in the 2011 session.

But Leslie Hanks of Colorado Right to Life, one of the groups that worked on the petitions, was incensed by the commission’s inference that the Amendment 62 campaign may have submitted duplicate signatures or attempted to exploit a loophole in the system.

Amendment 62 launches portal

Historic Campaign Web Portal Launched for Colorado Personhood Amendment

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- Colorado's Amendment 62 personhood campaign is set to launch a remarkable Internet tool,, on July 4th, 2010. The Tracker will help our state secure recognition of the right to life acknowledged by America's Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life..."

"We have human rights because we are made in our Creator's image and likeness," said amendment co-sponsor Leslie Hanks, "and therefore we have a moral obligation to protect and love our children, born and preborn." is designed to encourage the grassroots personhood movement in Colorado to reach local communities across our state with our campaign message of "Persons not Property," through November’s election...

Amendment 62: Here's the Latest...

The Campaign Manager's Election Day's Needs: Here's what Keith Mason is asking us to do today, election day, one or more of these four vital tasks:

1. Vote!
2. Call two friends to remind them to vote Yes
3. Come to the Phone Bank for an hour at 8795 Ralston Rd, Arvada 80002!
4. Sign wave: Go out and wave a yard sign at a busy intersection on your own or coordinate with the A62 campaign headquarters at 303-456-2800, at 8795 Ralston Rd. (58th & Estes) in Arvada.

Amendment 62 Makes Short List of Top U.S. Ballot Measures...

Amendment 62 on Short List of Top U.S. Measures