Brady Amendment

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Colorado's 2014 Brady (personhood) Amendment news

2014 Personhood Launch at Cherry Hills Community Church

Alan Keyes Encouragement to Colorado's Personhood Launch: Ambassador Alan Keyes, who represented America and Ronald Reagan at the United Nations, passed along these comments to the gathering on April 4, 2013 at Cherry Hills Community Church:

"Like all of us, little Brady Surovik was made by God, in His image and in His likeness, which means that Brady was a person in the most profound sense. This understanding of the pro-life truth, that we are made in God's image, is critical to restore respect, not only for the right to life, but for all of our rights, which today are under assault. Thank you, all of you, for fighting this fight, for Brady, for all unborn children, and really, for all of us. May God bless your work." -Alan Keyes, April 4, 2013

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