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Colorado's 2014 Brady (personhood) Amendment news

Yes on 67 Rally, Tuesday July 22

Dear Friends for Life,
I need your help.  My name is Heather Surovik and my son, Brady, was killed in a car accident just before his due date.  He was 8 lbs 2 oz.  A beautiful baby boy.
On Tuesday, July 22nd, NARAL is planning a rally to try to convince voters that my son was not a person and did not deserve the same justice afforded to all Coloradans.  Can you help us to show them the truth?  Please come out and show NARAL that you believe that all human persons from conception to natural death deserve to be protected under the law.
                WHEN:  Tuesday, July 22nd @ 11:30
                WHERE:  West Steps of the Capitol in Denver
Signs will be provided,
but you are welcome to bring your own signs
I look forward to seeing you there!
with Sincerest Respect,
Colorado Right to Life
3401 Quebec Street #10300
Denver CO 80207
Tel: 303.753.9394


Brady Press Conference at Sec'y of State Office

PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY: Join Colorado RTL today at the Brady Ministries and Personhood USA press conference, Monday, Sept. 30, at 2:00 p.m. outside of the Colorado Secretary of State’s office in Denver at 1700 Broadway or listen to our report on today's BEL program. We've arrived at today's deadline for turning in Brady Amendment signatures. So if you can, come on out to hear some encouraging news for all those who realize that Brady and all the kids like Brady are persons and not property.

UPDATE: The press conference went very well. Thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who worked so hard to get the 140,000 signatures that were turned in!

Huckabee interviews Heather on the Brady Amendment 67

On the Fox News Channel, Mike Huckabee interviews Heather Surovik about her son Brady who was killed by a drunk driver and about Colorado's Brady Amendment 67 to protect all unborn children by law!

There are laws in various states which will give a penalty to a drunk driver who kills an unborn child, but sadly, all such laws indicate that the child is not a person in that they permit the intentional killing of that boy or girl. Contrariwise, the principled Brady Amendment does not condone the killing of an innocent child.

Please help Colorado RTL educate our state to vote yes to protect all unborn children from violence! Please call to volunteer or click to donate now or call 1-888-888-CRTL!


NBC News: Heather & the Brady Personhood Amendment 67


NBC News: Heather, Brady, and Personhood Amendment 67

NBC News featured the story of Heather Surovik and the Brady Personhood Amendment 67.

"Heather Surovik was eight months pregnant when a drunk driver smacked into her car on a summer afternoon on the outskirts of Denver. A 27-year-old preschool teacher at the time, she was expecting to give birth within days, in July 2012, to a boy she called Brady. 'I survived,' she said. 'Brady did not.'"

The Colorado 2013 Abortion Fight in Four Rounds

Round 1: Rep. Janak Joshi re-introduced CRTL's single-sentence principled though abortion-neutral bill from last year and HB 13-1032 was killed in committee on a party-line 7-to-4 vote:

"If the commission of any crime codified in this Title [18] or Title 42 of the Colorado Revised Statutes is the proximate cause of death or injury to an unborn member of the species Homo sapiens, the respective homicide and assault charges for that death or injury may be brought contemporaneously with the underlying charges."

Round 2: Immediately after pro-abortion legislators voted down the Joshi bill, Colorado RTL joined with our allies Personhood Colorado and Heather Survoik in announcing the filing of the citizens initiative for the 2014 Brady Amendment to protect all unborn children.

Round 3: Under pressure from the Personhood movement and perhaps for the first time in history, Planned Parenthood is actually supporting a fetal homicide bill, HB 13-1154, something they testified in 2012 that they would never do. More accurately this bill is termed a "fatal homicide bill." This Democrat bill begins by defining "Unlawful termination of pregnancy," making it clear that a primary goal is to further entrench in legislation the dismembering of unborn children, explicitly permitting intentional child killing. The bill also says that "nothing in this act shall be construed to confer personhood, or any rights associated with that status, on a human being at any time prior to live birth." Please note that even in their wickedness, they admit that the unborn child is a "human being."

Round 4: Rep. Stephen Humphrey has introduced HB 13-1033, an attempt at an abortion ban. CRTL has met with Rep. Humphrey and has asked for two amendments to his bill, one to remove a loophole for abortifacient birth control, and the other to remove an unnecessary affirmation of existing abortion law. CRTL wants to thank Rep. Humphrey for his heroic effort to ban child killing, including for the bill's excellent wording regarding the life of the mother and we intend to testify at Thursday's hearing on the bill, Jan. 31st a 2:30 p.m. (you're invited). Rep. Humphrey has indicated that he is preparing amendments although CRTL has not yet seen them. Of course we will support the bill only if amended so that it does not affirm the killing of even a single child. However, the pro-abortion Democrats who control the committee will likely oppose such amendments, in which case testifying will be only a matter of education, and our full attention will then turn to the 2014 Brady Amendment!

See also, CRTL's explanation of the principles and pro-life politics involved at

To win this war requires leadership, right judgment, pragmatism (knowing what actually works) and courage. Please help CRTL fight by giving financial support right now! We need everyone to help, No Exceptions!

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