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Colorado's 2014 Brady (personhood) Amendment news

Personhood Vote Grows from 2008 to 2014!

Personhood Vote Grows from 2008, to 2010, to 2014! The YES vote on Personhood grew to narrow our loss from a 27%, 3-to-1 defeat in 2008 (Amendment 48), to a 29% defeat in 2010 (Amendment 62), to now 35% voting YES on the pro-life Brady personhood Amendment 67. So we've narrowed the loss from 3-to-1 to better than 2-to-1. That encourages us!

Join Us: in praying for the wisdom and resources to build on this increase the Lord has given us. Another way of looking at our growth from 2008 to 2010 is that we saw a ten percent increase in those who voted Yes and then a twenty percent increase from 2010 to 2014! (And even the smaller 27 percent who voted to ban all abortion in 2008 actually doubled the 10 to 15 percent maximum that National RTL has long claimed would vote to abolish all abortion.) Please pray with us and work with us now so that we can reach even more people so that together we will protect every child by love and by law.

So, This Is What "The Beginning" Looks Like:

Colorado's 2014 Personhood Amendment 67 won outright six counties!With it's 702,544 votes out of 1,999,843 cast, the Brady Personhood Amendment 67 won six counties outright! So, as it turns out, this map is what the beginning looks like!

From Biff Gore and the whole team at Colorado RTL, we give a heartfelt thank you to:
- Heather Surovik, Brady's mom
- our partner Personhood USA
- our campaign director Susan Sutherland
- our supporters, volunteers, and prayer warriors
- the hundreds of churches that honored God by not remaining silent
- And we most want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ, our God, Creator, and Risen Savior!

Colorado RTL needs YOU to be a wise and effective protector of the innocent! So please if you can, sign up for the Right To Life Education program at ARTL and get a 40-year pro-life education in only 40 days!

March with us in the Memorial Day Parade!

Come march with the Brady campaign!

UPDATE: Brady's mom Heather and grandmother Terri carried the a huge banner to lead the way! We had about 50 people marching in campaign t-shirts, and we handed out thousands of Brady postcards to introduce the Brady Amendment 67 to the crowds lining the parade route! We also spoke to a number of politicians who were in attendance. Here's a transcript of what one of our spokespeople said to former champion for life, Mike Coffeman:

Mike, the personhood movement has collected 400,000 signatures of registered Colorado pro-life voters. We're not going away. Brady was a person. Each child is a person. But you have made money your most important issue. Taxes are not more important than standing for the God-given right to life of each innocent child. You've turned against the personhood of the innocent Mike. You're on the wrong side of history.

ARCHIVED INVITATION: Greetings from the Brady Campaign,

We have great news: the Amendment 67 team has been invited to march in the Commerce City Memorial Day Parade on Monday!

You're invited to come march in the parade with us. It's only a mile, so it's a great opportunity to get outside and help this campaign.

When: Monday, May 26th, 9:30-11 AM. 
Where: Staging Area at E. 64th Avenue & Pontiac
What: You! We'll bring the t-shirts, signs, and postcards.

Just by showing up, you'll get a t-shirt to march with in the parade. And if you want to keep it afterward, you can buy it for just $10!

This will be an amazingly simple and fun way to remember Brady, get out the important YES on 67 message, and honor those who have served this country in our nation's armed forces.

If you can't make it to Commerce City, look at the Voice For Brady calendar to see how you can help in your city this weekend and throughout the campaign!

For life,

Susan Sutherland
A Voice For Brady

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REGISTER NOW! CRTL Banquet - Saturday, Sept 7

Colorado Right to Life Banquet
Saturday, Sept 7, 2013
6 p.m. Social Hour, 7 p.m. Dinner
Holiday Inn Denver East/Stapleton
3333 Quebec St, Denver 80207

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alan Keyes

Please join us for an evening with the most powerful speaker in America today!

Call now or order online to reserve your ticket or to sponsor a table.
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Out-of-state or just can't attend? You're not off the hook! :) Please click more...

First radio ad for the Brady Amendment

CRTL's first radio ad for the 2014 Brady amendment (petitions due by Sept. 3, 2013) aired during a one-week period in June. Listen to his 60-second Gosnell, Brady, Peter Singer spot that aired 120 times on Denver's conservative AM radio stations KNUS & KRKS.

Related: Hear also our first 2012 Amendment 62 radio advertisement, the George Stephens spot.

Sign the Brady Amendment Before September: Please call or email Colorado RTL right away to get your Brady Amendment personhood petition for our fourth round battle to get Colorado to uphold the God-given right to life and personhood of every unborn child!

CRTL's Brady Amendment Talking Points

Brady Amendment Text: "In the interest of the protection of pregnant mothers and their unborn children from criminal offenses and negligent and wrongful acts, the words 'person' and 'child' in the Colorado Criminal Code and the Colorado Wrongful Death Act must include unborn human beings." See also the full text (effective date, etc.) and visit

Persons not Property: Please support the abolition of human abortion in every way that God enables you. Petitioning registered voters, Colorado's personhood coalition turned in 140,000 signatures and have gained ballot access for the November 2014 general election! Please educate yourself with these talking points and donate so that we can wage an effective campaign to pass the Brady Amendment 67 so that Colorado can recognize that every human being is a person and that every innocent child deserves protection by love and by law.

Will the Brady Amendment Stop Abortion? Colorado law prohibits the intentional killing of every innocent person. Colorado Revised Statutes C.R.S. 18-3-102 (2013) states:

18-3-102 (1) A person commits the crime of murder in the first degree if:
(a) After deliberation and with the intent to cause the death of a person other than himself, he causes the death of that person or of another person...

Brady requires that the state "must include unborn human beings" in this statute and in all the “Offenses Against the Person”. The the Brady Amendment 67 makes abortion a criminal offense. C.R.S. 18-3-102 (1) describes first degree murder. Of course Colorado's Criminal Code goes on to provide protection against the killing of innocent persons in other circumstances which, under Brady, would now apply also to "unborn human beings." But what about Roe? See Dred and Roe v. Wade below.

How About HB13-1154? The abortion industry's so-called fetal homicide bill was designed to protect not children but those who charge money to kill unborn children. Planned Parenthood's bill further undermines the child's safety by stating that, "nothing in this act shall be construed to confer personhood, or any rights associated with that status, on a human being at any time prior to live birth..." This is an insult to Brady, to every child, and to God in whose image they are made.

Snowflake girlSnowflake Children: This baby girl was adopted, like all the snowflake kids, as a frozen embryo. A snowflake child is one of the strongest proofs that even the littlest child, a single-celled human, is a person. Little Elisha Lancaster shown here, frozen for years, was fully alive and fully human when she was transfered into her mom Maria's womb. Elisha was not a boy but already a little girl, at the very moment that she came into existence in a laboratory. Then, four years later, this tiny person was adopted, Federal Expressed across the country, and implanted in mom's womb.

Isn’t It Part of the Woman’s Body? Half the time the fetus is a boy. Always the mother is female. Her son’s Y chromosome cannot be part of mom. He’s a genetically distinct individual. And whether it’s a baby boy or girl, the baby is not the woman’s body, but has his or her own body within mom. The unborn baby’s first cry for food is actually a pheromone signal, from one organism to another. A hormone is a chemical signal between organs within an organism, but the baby’s request is a human pheromone. So while still traveling toward the womb, the fetal cry lets mom know the baby’s already hungry!

Would a Mother Be Arrested for Miscarriage? That claim is pure fear mongering. History demonstrates the truth. When the nation recognized abortion as illegal, the authorities never arrested a single doctor or woman for a miscarriage.

Should Eggs Have Rights? Those who kill unborn children try to dehumanize them by referring to the youngest ones as “eggs.” Confusing an egg with an organism is biological and moral ignorance. The Carnegie Institute’s world-renowned Stages of Early Human Development lists terms with “no scientific usefulness” and says that “the term ‘egg’ is best reserved for… the breakfast table.” Immoral terms like gooks and fertilized egg dehumanize other people to make it easier to kill them.

Won’t This Outlaw Contraceptives? No, recognizing personhood has no effect on contraceptives that only prevent fertilization. However, personhood would prohibit any chemical abortifacient that kills the tiniest boys and girls. When the abortion industry says that personhood would outlaw contraceptives, they’re either lying now, or they were lying then, for they’ve spent decades telling women that such chemicals did not kill a living embryo. Women should know whether or not a chemical would abort their children. Personhood Amendment 67 will end these lies.

NBC's The Voice performers at CRTL's Voice for Brady Concert

Thanks for a Great Concert! Four performers from NBC's The Voice TV show appeared in Denver Saturday night, October 11th at the historic Church in the City venue to Be A Voice for Brady in support of Colorado Right To Life's battle to teach people that Brady was a person (as is, of course, every child)!


Absolutely Can't Come? Then please help Colorado RTL educate our state to vote yes on the Brady Amendment 67 in November. Please call to volunteer or click to donate now or call 1-888-888-CRTL!



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