Personhood Vote Grows from 2008 to 2014!

Personhood Vote Grows from 2008, to 2010, to 2014! The YES vote on Personhood grew to narrow our loss from a 27%, 3-to-1 defeat in 2008 (Amendment 48), to a 29% defeat in 2010 (Amendment 62), to now 35% voting YES on the pro-life Brady personhood Amendment 67. So we've narrowed the loss from 3-to-1 to better than 2-to-1. That encourages us!

Join Us: in praying for the wisdom and resources to build on this increase the Lord has given us. Another way of looking at our growth from 2008 to 2010 is that we saw a ten percent increase in those who voted Yes and then a twenty percent increase from 2010 to 2014! (And even the smaller 27 percent who voted to ban all abortion in 2008 actually doubled the 10 to 15 percent maximum that National RTL has long claimed would vote to abolish all abortion.) Please pray with us and work with us now so that we can reach even more people so that together we will protect every child by love and by law.

So, This Is What "The Beginning" Looks Like:

Colorado's 2014 Personhood Amendment 67 won outright six counties!With it's 702,544 votes out of 1,999,843 cast, the Brady Personhood Amendment 67 won six counties outright! So, as it turns out, this map is what the beginning looks like!

From Biff Gore and the whole team at Colorado RTL, we give a heartfelt thank you to:
- Heather Surovik, Brady's mom
- our partner Personhood USA
- our campaign director Susan Sutherland
- our supporters, volunteers, and prayer warriors
- the hundreds of churches that honored God by not remaining silent
- And we most want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ, our God, Creator, and Risen Savior!

Colorado RTL needs YOU to be a wise and effective protector of the innocent! So please if you can, sign up for the Right To Life Education program at ARTL and get a 40-year pro-life education in only 40 days!

Join us this Saturday for a Street Witness

Please come to the intersection of Havana & Mississippi in Aurora on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016 from noon to 1:30 p.m., to hold signs and distribute literature that describes the eternal worth of every human being and how one can come to know the only true God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please share this on your social media sites and in your church.  Signs and literature will be provided.  We need faithful soldiers!


Contact Hudson for further info.  414-595-7842

Establishment Pro-life Groups Opposing Personhood

News Update: Check out the principled The Least Safe Space article at The Harvard Law Record, March 2016.

Don't trust Eagle Forum and the establishment "pro-life" groups. Please oppose the anti-personhood resolution of Eagle Forum Colorado. By distributing that resolution, Jim and Jayne Schindler have now openly linked their organization to the establishment "pro-life" forces of Focus on the Family, Catholic Bishops, and National Right to Life, all of whom for many years have subverted human life/personhood efforts.

The "pro-life" industry has long been part of the establishment. The betrayal, motivated by power, influence, and money, goes deeper than many realize. If it is hard to believe that these establishment pro-life groups would play politics with human life amendments. So please consider these sobering examples of the behavior of the "pro-life" establishment:

- In October "pro-life" Republican Paul Ryan said abortionists shouldn't get one red cent but then fully funded Planned Parenthood
- The "pro-life" establishment ignores the fact that G. W. Bush gave Planned Parenthood a billion dollars more than did Bill Clinton
- This establishment ignores the fact that a Republican majority passed Roe v. Wade, which was written by Republican Blackmun
- The "pro-life" establishment always ignored that George H. W. Bush is the one who began "Family Planning" Title X funding
- Establishment "pro-life" groups support pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-marriage, anti-religious liberties politicians.
- They supported Romney who attacked religious liberties by ordering pro-life hospitals to dispense abortion pills
- The establishment supported Romney who created RomneyCare which openly fund abortion from day one
- They supported the father of homosexual marriage after Romney ordered county clerks to issue homosexual marriage licenses
- They supported Romney after he horrifically ordered Catholic adoption agencies to place children with homosexuals
- They supported Romney who put Planned Parenthood permanently on the state health board to provide $50 co-pay abortions
- And as Romney's own "exceptions" amount to tens of thousands killed, they support candidates with death tolls in the millions.

Even Eagle Forum's founder, Phyllis Schlafly, has described a lifelong radical pro-abort and recent candidate as America's "last hope" even though he has praised the pro-abortion federal judge Maryanne Barry who upheld even partial-birth abortion as being "phenomenal" and "one of the best" of possible U.S. Supreme Court nominees.

So please challenge the establishment! Reject Eagle Forum's resolution that sinfully states that the Colorado "Republican Party not divert its efforts... by expending resources in support of the 'Personhood Amendment'". The "pro-life" establishment wants a return to the same compromised incremental strategy that's been failing for 40 years. That moral compromise has left us without a single federal judge who acknowledges the child's right to life. That moral relativism wants us only to regulate child killing. Like, "Wait 24 hours and then you can kill the baby." "Sign a form to provide informed consent and then you can kill the baby." Etc.

At the statewide ballot box, the percentage of voters with the courage to acknowledge the Personhood on the innocent child has grown from 27%, to 29%, to 35%. Personhood is driving a shift in public opinion here in Colorado toward protecting every child by love and by law. So please don’t oppose, but instead, stand with the acknowledgement of each child's God-given right to life!

May God bless your efforts!

-Colorado Right To Life

p.s. Get an easy-to-print PDF of this Establishment Opposing Personhood article. And, not convinced yet? See another way of viewing this!

Bring this Resolution from CRTL to Your 2016 Caucus March 1st

First find the location of your neighborhood caucus meeting and attend it on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. Then, when the chairman ask if anyone has a resolution to offer, simply provide him with this printout of the resolution below, and you can read the single sentence to the group yourself if you'd like:

Pro-life Resolution

Be it resolved by Colorado Republicans that
every human being deserves legal protection 
from conception through natural death.

Depending upon your precinct process, you or someone may make a motion to vote on your resolution, and a second person may have to second the motion, and then there may be discussion. Let your neighbors know that all rights depend upon the most fundamental right, the God-given right to life.

In the last few election cycles, our resolution has passed at hundreds of caucuses statewide, and if it passes now in your caucus, we want to make sure that it is voted on at the county assembly! Then as it is likely that it will pass there, it will go on for consideration at the state party assembly where it will almost certainly pass and become part of the state party platform!

If you'd like to, by Wednesday morning, March 2nd, please email us at and let us know if your caucus adopted the resolution, and if you'd like to, you can also tell your county party chairman or resolution committee, and confirm that they will be introducing this pro-life resolution at the county level.

Finally, you may want to enter your name to be a delegate for your county assembly where you can continue to exert influence to protect unborn children!

May God bless your efforts!

-Colorado Right To Life

2015 CRTL Pasta Banquet & Mini Film Fest: A Great Success!

This is our annual fundraising event so join us for the food,
fellowship and three great film shorts!


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