Personhood law’s petitioning starts in Montana

"Anti-abortion activists launched a petition drive in Billings on Friday to give legal rights to fertilized embryos.

The personhood amendment would change Montana's definition to include fertilized embryos, which would be protected against destruction in all cases. Amendment sponsor Montana Prolife Coalition has until next June 18 to gather the 48,673 signatures necessary to put the issue on the November 2010 ballot. " according to an article in the Billings Gazette. 9/25/2009

California Pro-Lifers Launch Personhood Petition Campaign

California has joined the race to recognize human rights
and personhood for all human beings from the biological
beginning of development.

"The preborn, while demonstrably alive and demonstrably
human, are not
protected 'persons' under our state

Missouri Group Launches Campaign for Personhood Rights of Pre-Born Babies

By Keith Mason

Missouri is the latest state to launch a drive for a personhood amendment.

Say What? A Personhood Primer

By Judie Brown

Recently, a pro-life gentleman asked this question about the language of American Life League’s Federal Human Personhood Amendment (FHPA) and the 2010 Colorado Personhood Amendment (CPA):

Florida Pro-Life Group Announces Personhood Amendment Campaign

Personhood Florida (PF), a Christian non-partisan organization founded to protect the personhood of the unborn, held a press conference today where they announced the submission of the amendment, which they hope to put to voters on the 2010 ballot according to

The amendment would extend the definition of 'person' to every human being "from the beginning of the biological development of that human being."

Health care's hot topic: funding for abortions

Just when Coloradans thought health-reform talk couldn't get any more heated, long-running arguments over abortion funding threaten to take the health debate into the thermonuclear according to The Denver Post.

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