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CRTL in Newsweek's Cover Story: Any politician willing to kill a single person is disqualified.

The cover story for the October 9, 2015 issue of Newsweek magazine quotes Colorado Right To Life saying, "Any politician willing to kill a single person is disqualified." Subtitled, Colorado is the future of American politics, the story by Nina Burleigh reports on marijuana, guns, and God.

Charlie Danaher: Barbarism started long before the body parts

Charlie Danaher: Barbarism started long before the body parts

By Charlie Danaher
POSTED:   09/04/2015 07:40:40 PM MDT

Anti-abortion activists rally on the steps of the Texas Capitol last month protesting the use in medical research of tissue samples obtained from aborted
Anti-abortion activists rally on the steps of the Texas Capitol last month protesting the use in medical research of tissue samples
obtained from aborted fetuses. (Eric Gay / AP)

Demand that Colorado Investigate Planned Parenthood

Dear Friends, 

Please join Colorado Right to Life in our support of the message from the Colorado Catholic Conference. Attorney General, Cynthia Coffman, has been negligent in her duty to investigate Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood for the criminal activity seen in the recent undercover videos from The Center for Medical Progress.

Please take a few moments out of your day to contact both Cynthia Coffman and Dr Larry Wolk to politely but firmly encourage them to do the right thing and to take action immediately.
For the Innocent,
Colorado RTL
Yesterday, thirty legislators in Colorado requested that the head of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) investigate the horrific actions of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. See the Denver Post: Colorado Legislators Want Probe.
We are calling on all people to support these Colorado legislators in their request by contacting Dr. Larry Wolk, the executive director and chief medical officer of CDPHE and ask that Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains be investigated. See in the Daily Camera, Charlie Danaher: Barbarism started long before the body parts.
We are also requesting that all people contact the Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and express disappointment in her decision not to investigate Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.  Please ask Attorney General Coffman to investigate Planned Parenthood in Colorado. See 9News: Colorado Attorney General Refusing to Investigate .
Contact Information for Dr. Larry Wolk at CDPHE:
Phone: 303-692-2012
Contact information for the Colorado Attorney General:
The Honorable Cynthia Coffman
Phone: 720-508-6000

CRTL's 2-Minute Contribution to the Viral Videos Phenomenon

Outrage Over Body Parts Videos Squandered by Defunding Efforts
Defund Planned Parenthood Bills Typically Fund Abortion
Politicians Against PP Funding Give Record Funds to Abortion 

Lesson from Presidential History: Former president George W. Bush claimed to be against tax funding of abortion yet the Bush administration increased funding to Planned Parenthood by nearly a billion tax dollars over and above what Bill Clinton had been able to give them, and this was true even though for four years Bush and the Republicans had a historic monopoly on power with the trifecta of control over the executive branch, and the legislative branch, and the U.S. Supreme Court. And G. W. Bush gave Planned Parenthood all that money even though it is fungible, and even though in a typical year 98% of Planned Parenthood's pregnancy "services" consist of abortion. Further, just like Roe v. Wade was a Republican ruling, written by Republican Justice Harry Blackmun and passed by a Republican majority, so too, Republican George H.W. Bush initiated Title X funding, amounting to many millions of dollars per year, to Planned Parenthood.  

Lesson from Baby Body Parts Videos: With the public outrage over Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, what should pro-lifers do now? Do we provide political cover for "pro-life" politicians and talk show hosts like FNC's Megan Kelly who can grandstand against harvesting body parts from "potential life" by urging them to call for the defunding of Planned Parenthood? Of course not. Instead, CRTL offers this response:

"With the viral body parts videos, America has run out of excuses. The abortion clinic says that they are merely removing tissue. But 'tissue' does not have a heart, lungs, arms and legs. Planned Parenthood is killing babies. Everyone knows that. And they're even selling the body parts. A baby is a person made in God's image so we must all fight to protect each child by love and by law."

RegulationsR.us Begins ISIS Ad Campaign

DENVER, Summer 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- More than a dozen organizations along with www.RegulationsR.us have launched a social media campaign to urge the Islamic terrorist group ISIS to employ more humane forms of killing. A series of messages, each inspired by a specific piece of pro-life legislation, urges ISIS, for example, to use anesthetics prior to a beheading. For more info, click here or email, write or call us:

Colorado Right To Life
3401 Quebec St #10300
Denver, CO 80207

Ongoing: If you see a misguided "pro-life" child killing regulation being proposed, please make it a habit to post one of these ISIS Regulations memes to help people realize the immorality and absurdity of the effort to regulate murder. You can grab them from our page here at CRTL, or go to AmericanRTL.org/isis for a handy list of links. Thank you!

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